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Our Staff
Alex Wilson, Owner
Dawn Wilson, Owner
Collabsion at Work
Dawn conducting a WiFi survey in a large manufacturing and warehousing facility.
Walking the flight line conducting a WiFi site survey
Comcast outdoor WiFi unit. Our crews helped survey sites for several hundred thousand of these nationwide.
Putting up WiFi in a warehouse about 40ft up.
Putting up WiFi in a warehouse about 40ft up.
Installing security cameras outside about 20ft up.
Preparing the radios and mounts for going up on a cell tower at 255ft.
Our crew rigging the tower at 255ft up
Threading the mount through a cell array
Are we there yet?
Securing the mounts to the tower at 255ft
Dawn checking the survey results in a facility over 1 million square feet.
Dueling survey carts ready to start in a hospital system.
All gowned up to enter a clean facility to conduct a WiFi site survey.
AP on a Stick survey work in a warehouse.
Dawn conducting a WiFi survey in a maritime training academy.
Testing how construction materials affect the WiFi signal.
Alex positioning the lift that holds the AP for an AP on a Stick survey.
Gathering pole information for a future WiFi hotspot.
Rocking out to .38 Special as we provide WiFi to the masses so they can buy their food and drinks! Our first big sponsorship on stage.
Event WiFi... having fun doing what we do.
Big screen monitors and a wireless distribution system in the church where we were married.
Alex's office for 18 months on a Sprint Microwave deployment project. Over 100 microwave units put up in PA, MD, VA, WV.
Paul (one of our techs) working inside the cabinet for Sprint.
The umbrella has survived from 2013 to 2021... still using it as an office. This time fixing a WISP that has severe network issues. Rebuilding a tower after recent storm damage.
Sunrise at Burning Man 2019. Main tower.
We have interesting coworkers. They were very moooooved by our visit to the tower site.
Alignment work for Nighthawk Networks in Mattawa WA.
Beautiful view on this mountain top tower site for Nighthawk.
Installing new links at Burning Man 2019.
Multiple 5 and 11GHz links just aligned. These links are 10-12 miles each.
Working 100ft up on a lift t Burning Man 2019 with a great driver! Aliiignnig 10-12 mii long links.
Dawn driving a ground rod into the playa at Burning Man 2019.
Setting up links at Burning Man in the Nevada desert.
Alex and Dawn up 30ft working on a router and switch on a tower at Burning Man 2019.
Over 27mph? Time to come down. Up 50ft in the bucket truck at Burning Man 2019. Wind rating was 25mph. Safety first.



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